Butterflies and Brevity

January 24, 2021

Butterflies and Brevity

There was a time when we were overcoming an intense tragedy. Grief had taken over our family structure as we loss our first born when he was eight to aortic stenosis.

I could not talk to God. I had no words. But I knew He loved still me in spite of my own prayers not being answered in the way I truly believed they would be. and I could still feel His love.

gulf fritillary butterfly sophie dare painting

I've always marveled at how He speaks to us through nature. Sunrises, sunsets. Blooms and Butterflies. So I took my camera out and captured them magnified. I took my two younger boys to the Rainforest in Gainesville, the Butterfly World near Fort Lauderdale, the Cummer Gardens, anywhere we could marvel at these wonders. I began to paint again. My Broken Butterfly series had a message of hope and God's love, in the midst of our own brokenness. The butterfly's life is very brief, and that is why it is used as the symbol for bereaving parents. The brevity of a sweet life cut short.

It was for a season, and I began to get invitations to speak at women's groups and conventions for about four years. As much as I loved the message, and sharing, imparting, giving Hope to others, it was always difficult to tell our story...his story. 

I soon realized that my family needed me in the moment, and I laid that season down. I began to work in marketing and business development, and sold the last of that collection at a silent auction benefitting Pedscare.

This past year, with the unsurety of the Pandemic and isolation, I felt a calling back to those butterflies that had given me so much quiet joy in the past.

Usually when I paint birds or butterflies, they sell quickly, but I have been gathering a collection of smaller works, affordable for anyone who wishes to collect some beauty for their home. They will be included in an upcoming exhibit called S O L A C E. at the Jewish Community Alliance Center in Jacksonville, FL.

This time they are blended with my sensory, kinesthetic love of plaster and sculpture art. The works are predominantly full of texture, contemporary plaster art designs, woven into the realism of every day nature. It includes my Driftwood Beach series - highly textured trees and seafoam.

and birds

and butterflies.

Basically the things that give me solace in any season.

I may even include a painting of donuts. 

Who doesn't get solace from donuts?

The JCA Gallery is open to the public for viewing and purchase.

monarch butterfly painting sophie dare contemporary realism texture plaster art  plaster art butterflies texture contemporary realism sophie dare


white sulphur butterfly  blue morph butterfly




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