Farm Baby Animals

January 14, 2018

Farm Baby Animals

set of 3 farm baby animals chick bunny pigletOne of the things I enjoy most about being an artist, is gathering reference. I would much rather use my own photographs for a painting, and visiting the farms, traveling the countryside or coast is part of the wonderful journey of being an artist. When I would arrive at a farm, I would inevitably get to see a new litter of piglets, or my nieces new silkie chickens and peacocks, or precious bunnies. I decided it would be a great time to bring some of the cute babies out as a set for Springtime, Easter, or just a cute nursery gift.

Spring is an exciting time for renewal. Old things are passed away. Winter has decayed off the waste and fresh sprouts of green shoot forth. I love the colors of spring, but wanted to keep these new images soft enough for any muted grey home decor palette.

The babies are 6x6 canvases. They can be purchased individually or as a set of 3. They include a bunny

bunny baby painting

a silkie chick

silkie white chick

and a piglet we met out at Seamark Ranch.

piglet seamark ranch

I am creating a lot of projects for the upcoming Vintage Market Days in Charleston, as well as Savannah in June, so they will be there also, but now available on my site.

I love the abstract blending of the background, but please remember that they will all vary slightly since they are hand-painted originals. 

The individuals are $45 but the set of 3 farm babies can be ordered here for $125.

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