Mixed Media Portrait Collages

December 01, 2019

Mixed Media Portrait Collages

One of the projects that give me the most JOY during the holidays is commissioned portraits that are LIFE CELEBRATIONS collages. I wanted to capture a personality which would involve their likes, their lyrics, their family, their memories and all that makes them who they are. It's difficult to think of combining all of that in one canvas, but my heart is to bring together enough of their life and memories to touch their heart.

The challenge for me as I work on them, is that I cannot REVEAL the work until they are gifted. (It is usually a surprise). But I'll show some of my previous mixed media works and what they involved.

This work included lyrics from the Grateful Dead, an Emerson quote, textured stencils with molding paste, paper, travel stamps, and memorable photos. Some of the text is printed paper, and some is my own calligraphy, depending on the font I want to use. I learned hand lettering and typography at UGA, before computers were a thing...As always, my works include butterflies.

This was a vintage collage I created for my parents, that hangs in their home. It was simpler, consisting of sepia tones, copies of photos, and a paint pen.


These are two very different sisters: paper, vintage ephemera of flowers, photos, acrylic paints and tissues.

Sometimes the photos are my very favorite part.

Sometimes its the quote.

This one was created with old Christmas cards surrounding the main image, a photo of my mother on her front porch, watching us leave as we head back to Florida. Its always heartbreaking, and this dark, early morning happened to include a divine snowfall, with our baby boys asleep in the backseat.

Sometimes it includes the iconic places that they love.

I am excited to share the (adventurous girl) work that's currently on my easel, and will update the post once it has been gifted.


If you have someone in your life that is hard-to-buy-for, why don't you forego the gift card this year and get them something they will cherish forever - a collage of THEIR LIFE? full of memories, songs, poems and ephemera that they truly LOVE? You will be guaranteeing tears of JOY for everyone.

contact me with your ideas - hello(at) sophiedare.com


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