Oceans Deep Collection Original Art

January 14, 2018

Oceans Deep Collection Original Art

We have lived 40 minutes or less from the beach since 1990. I grew up in rural NC but always knew I'd live close to the ocean. Throughout my life, marriage, birthing 3 children, giving our first son back to the Lord, and raising young men, the ocean has always been a place for me to find balance and peace. Whatever we are facing, we eventually are called back to the glorious sunrises, and ebb and flow of the waves, the complete mystery of its magnitude,. We are compelled to return. 

As I weave in and out of my creative phases, capturing images that I love about life and nature, I keep returning to soothing images of the ocean. This series has a grey, more monotone color scheme, with about 5 more images to come. It is soft and soothing, and transitioning me into an abstract phase that I know is coming in the new year.

My hope is that these images transport you to the same peace and tranquility in your home and space, and you hear the ocean calling.

I've also included a limited supply of these small 2"x3" tag ornaments (below), with a unique ocean scene, gold backing. Each one has the word SELAH, to inspire us to "pause and ponder" through this holiday season.

oceans deep 1

oceans deep 2

oceans deep 3

oceans deep 4

oceans deep 5

oceans deep 6

oceans deep 7

oceans deep tag ornaments selah

oceans deep collage

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