Seamark Ranch

October 10, 2016

Seamark Ranch

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Seamark Ranch and Home. We have supported them throughout the years, and they have widely expanded their self-sustaining farm and equestrian program. I was curious to get some photos for new paintings and learn more about all they do for kids.

They are located on a beautiful 468-acre campus in Northeast Florida, and provide a traditional home environment for children who have experienced the impact of broken families, a place where they can experience the security and acceptance of unconditional love. The Seamark approach is therapy-based and they seek to heal wounds and help children prosper in faith, school, and the community.

My boys have had the pleasure of serving with their summer camp programs, and the ranch has now expanded their education program to include other kids in the community that may need a more individualized program.

The Director, Fred Meiners, was kind enough to take us on a tour and we got to meet the donkeys, who are usually the best protectors of the livestock, from predators.

Each of these sweet creatures could be an upcoming painting in my farmhouse series. I was in love with them all!

This turkey has won multiple local competitions with his pomp and glory!

seamark baby goats

There were so many baby goats that all came running at the idea of snacks!

cat and rabbits seamark ranch

The cats were curious to see the bunnies. The ranch kids learn about raising the animals and competing with them at the fair.

The property is an incredible accomplishment, with local support and a spirit of excellence in all they do. I encourage you to contact them for a visit.

seamark piglets

My most recent painting, Seamark Piglets, is licensed by ATI and sold throughout the Furniture market, but the original is still available on my site, with a limited selection of prints available. I will be making cute tabletop woodblocks available on December 9th, at the Vintage market Days event at the Clay County Fairgrounds, with a portion of proceeds benefitting Seamark. I encourage you to check them out and help support them with making dreams come true!

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