The Blessing of Slowing Down

January 14, 2018

The Blessing of Slowing Down

I recently was overcome by a few weeks of dizzy spells, possibly vertigo, which was very unnerving with the mystery of its root cause. I could not drive much, and found myself having no choice but to slow down and rest. After getting all of my vitals checked, making sure there was nothing life-threatening, I decided to embrace this down time and focus on home. I spent less time on social media and decided to read and rest. My son also got a new stub-tailed kitten so I have enjoyed being back in that stage of caring for a baby (one of my favorite stages of life!)  


kitten artist painting Sophie dare

It was actually just the de-stressing I needed. I took advantage of it by focusing on family time, home projects and reading some new material. I chose some books and videos that would help me to get back to my original WHY and the passionate reasons I began my at-home business again in the first place.

"One of the great lessons I am embracing as I age gracefully, is the reality of my own limitations."

I have always been one to take on any and every project that was presented to me, but just because I CAN do something, does not mean that it is God's best plan for my life. Being a creative has taken me into a variety of professions from Corporate Wellness Coach, to VP of culture and compliance to artist again. I have a lot of passions from all I have learned as a special needs parent, the wellness of walking through grief and how it affects us physically, and the benefits of art throughout all of our circumstances. Many times the roles were required to help our family financially do whatever was needed. 

But I am learning in order for my business to grow to the next level, it is crucial that I realize my limitations, the things that may be good but not GOD. As a creative, I can do a lot, but can also find myself sometimes drained of all creativity when I wander in too many directions. 

I did discover the reason for my dizziness. I have had neck problems for a few years, and the last 3 day market was very strenuous, loading and unloading the booth. I did it but the dizzy spells started then. My chiropractor (who I had not seen in a few years) twisted my neck back in place (a LOT of crunches!) and recommended some supplements and a lot of hydrating. The dizzy spells went away. I also had to re-evaluate how much I will be traveling for markets, and what are my goals moving forward. I think I over-did it.


Here are a few of the resources that I found to be very beneficial during my downtime.

books resources

Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey off the Beaten Path by Erin Loechner

I have been struggling with the amount of time I spend for business purposes on social media, and how to step away. Its a delicate balance and Erin gave me a fresh perspective on living intentionally, learning to subtract schedules and expectations and how that plays out in our relationships. We should not wait for dizzy spells to make us slow down. I am still re-reading this. It's a process.

Speaking of intentional - Dotcom Secrets the underground playbook for growing your company online by Russell Brunson

I am not a fan of internet marketing tactics and the whole arena can feel very artificial, but I like Russell's style, feels more authentic in his proven experience with companies offline and brick and mortar stores alike. He taught me some new things concerning the "Attractive Character" and back story you HAVE to create for your brand, defining your identity and offering. It is something every Hollywood writer knows that are a must for a successful movie, and it is helping me immensely in how I write and define my niche. Sometimes I have been afraid to define myself too much, afraid of offending some, but the polarity of defining yourself is a necessity for your raving fans to see. Be true to self. I learned much here about the funnel phases and which ones apply (or don't) to my endeavors. He also has some youtube videos to describe this concept.

The 17 day diet by Dr.Mike Moreno

I've been through a season in the past where I worked so many hours I did not take care of me. I was literally in the phone handling questions and issues with a start-up company that kept me busy for up to 80 hours a week. But now that I am an artist, I should know better. Exercise is a KEY component in life balance, and I am getting back in the gym and I LOVE my yoga and Yin yoga classes, but this diet program is very reasonable for a life-style. I also joined the FB group to go with it, and the testimonials are great! It has a great phone app to keep you on course.


I've taught wellness for about a decade, especially concerning the unregulated toxicity of most all personal care, skincare and home products. I have been frustrated trying to determine the trust-worthy companies since the closure of our last company product line. Green-washing is at an all-time high, even in healthy stores like Whole Foods. My sweet niece recently introduced me to Beautycounter and I fell in love with the owner's mission, and her unwavering standards for excellence in the ingredients. They have a NEVER LIST of 1500 ingredients you will never find in their products. I am no longer spending my days actively working in wellness, but I believe we all are promoting something by our spending choices, so I signed up with them to be able to refer them to others. I also keep a set of sampling products to gift out to any gals that want a trial. If you are local, hit me up. You can also click the link and read more about the company. They've done a wonderful job, and make it easy to choose colors and skin tints. We all order cosmetics from somewhere, but when we learn what is in them, and how much the chemicals are related to major diseases, we cannot unlearn it.

Each of these resources have given me empowerment to move forward with my own goals, a little more slow and steady, taking care of my purpose, intentions and physical body for a better year ahead. I may find small compensation in these links to help with my website, but the opinions are definitely my own.

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