Sophie Dare Dentiste is a UGA trained designer and artist. 

Having grown up in the rural country of NC, much of her family has farms and rural reference.  She and her family of men have spent the last 27 years in Florida enjoying the coastal life. She was a muralist all over the First Coast and Ponte Vedra Beach in the 90's, which was a prolific experience of capturing exotic gardens, foliage and wildlife aesthetics and bringing it indoors to transform a home with hand-painted art.

In 2002, her family, lost their oldest son, Joshua, to a weak heart. She began to focus on the spiritual beauties in nature like detailed flowers and butterflies. Her art was healing and she began to get invitations to speak, sharing her art, and message of all they were doing to find comfort and peace in their walk through grief.  She was featured in NE Florida galleries and Press from 2006-2010, with most of her works aligned with charitable causes.

After several years in and out of the corporate world, marketing and business development, she decided in 2016 to get back to her art and the slow-living, spiritual connection of rural and coastal life.

A selection of works were licensed by Prestige and promoted throughout the Furniture Market, exclusive to designers, including the new Jarrett Bay Home Living Coastal series. 

Recently devoting time to a relief charity in Clay County, FL, her current works are heartfelt images that honor the organic beauty of wildlife, nature and her southern heritage. 

Whether you're beautifying a country cottage, farmhouse, coastal beach house or mid-century modern with abstracts, adding fine art can invoke a serenity and peace to your space. Sophie's unique impasto-style painting with thick drippy, layers adds a contemporary treasure to your home design, to be discussed for years to come.

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To see the 20 ft mural project turned into a fund-raiser, go HERE