Sophie Dare Dentiste is a UGA trained artist, textile designer, and business development consultant. 

Her varied background in the 90's includes special needs parenting, homeschooling, while creating a business as a muralist in Ponte Vedra Beach  - a prolific experience of capturing exotic gardens, foliage and wildlife aesthetics to transform a home with hand-painted art.

After a traumatic loss in 2002, of their oldest son (8), Joshua, her art was purposed in healing and she began to get invitations to speak, sharing her art, and message of comfort at over 20 women's conferences.  She was featured in NE Florida galleries and Press from 2006-2010, with most of her works aligned with charitable causes such as dup15.org and Pedscare

After several years in and out of the corporate world, she began her at-home studio in 2015 and became licensed with Art Trends-Prestige, via the Furniture Market for many of her "Back Home" Farmhouse and Coastal works.

She now balances her time between working part-time with Mercy Support - a charity that focuses on displaced and homeless families, and challenging herself in the creative process with her Art Business.

Her current art focuses on her love of coastal and country - slow living in the south. 

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All original art copyrighted by Back Home Market, Inc.