Welcome to my creative journey!

I've always been drawing, since first writing on my parent's walls and furniture. Eventually, I got my BFA at UGA, and after eloping with my greek husband, we settled in North Florida during his Navy years.

My early days were spent as a special needs parent and homeschooler while creating a business as a muralist in Ponte Vedra Beach  - a prolific experience of capturing exotic gardens, foliage and wildlife aesthetics to transform a home with hand-painted art. This began my love of fast-drying acrylics and layering textures.

I also savored the freedom of being a business owner, spending time with my 3 boys.

After a traumatic loss in 2002, of our oldest son (8), Joshua, to a rare heart disease, my art was a necessary outlet to remind me of God's love, even in our darkest valleys. Most of my art was cathartic and healing, seeking out references of magnified blooms and butterflies, and the beauty of everyday life.

I began to get invitations to speak, sharing my art, and a message of hope through grief and loss. I shared our story in over 20 women's conferences and was featured in NE Florida galleries and Press from 2006-2010.

Through the years I've shared my creative abilities through marketing and communications, growing other business entities, and In 2015 I became licensed with Art Trends-Prestige, via the Furniture Market for many of my "Back Home" Farmhouse and Coastal works - country and coastal art that stemmed from memories of my home state of NC.

With the transition of raising teen boys, and now facing an empty nest, my current works focus on a soft perspective of beauty and the simple joys we can glean in nature and everyday life.

Current representation includes:

  • High Tide Gallery - St. Augustine, FL
  • Art Trends/Prestige licensed works exclusive to Designers
  • Direct to collectors - online

 For Press see FEATURED

Read an in-depth interview at www.thedesigntwins.com 

All original art copyrighted by Back Home Market, Inc.


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