Thanks for stopping by to visit my site. My name is Sophie Dare Dentiste and I am a UGA trained designer and artist.

After intensely busy years in corporate life, marketing and business development for clients, we realized how soon my boys will be completely flown from our nest and how important it was or me to be accessible and PRESENT at home for this short time.  So I decided to work from home again, getting back to the art and slow-living that we enjoyed years ago as I home-schooled my boys.

I grew up in the rural country of NC, with much of our family having farms and we've spent the last 27 years in Florida enjoying the coastal life. I love this country and our southern heritage.

After going through a major loss in our family, losing our oldest son,Joshua (8) in 2002, I began to focus on small beauties in nature like flowers and butterflies. My painting was cathartic for me, and I began to get invitations to speak, sharing my art, and all we were doing to find comfort and peace in our walk. I found that my images helped others find healing, reminding them to slow down and enjoy the beauty around them. Many of my "Back Home" images were licensed by Prestige, within the Furniture Market. It has been a blessing to realize doing what I love most resonates with others too.

My design and textiles feature peaceful art that honors the incredible splendor and beauty of outdoor life. Whether you're beautifying a country cottage, farmhouse, coastal beach house or mid-century modern with abstracts, adding fine art can invoke a serenity and peace to your space.

I also enjoy select commissions and can be contacted HERE.

To see the 20 ft mural project I turned into a fund-raiser, go HERE