Basca Mural Fundraiser

The BASCA, Inc project is a 20 ft wall mural collage, created for the non-profit BASCA, in Orange Park, FL. Basca (Building abilities for special needs children and adults) adds value and hope to the lives of mentally handicapped adults and their families through training, life skills and support.

Sophie was invited to create a mural for their new 30,000 s.f. facility. After eight years of being a special needs parent, their mission and impact resonated with her family.

She decided to turn it into a fundraiser and created a line art drawing of Florida icons. BASCA invited the community to sponsor the items, and once an item is sponsored, it gets colored in, painted in by Sophie. The mural has been an exciting project to allow the community to participate in the beautifying of the new grounds, and is still ongoing. Major donors from across the First Coast were eager to help with the donations, and each donor will be listed in a final KEY that will be handed out as a coloring page for all who enter the BASCA store front, once completed. For more information on how you can support the project, and which iconic images are still available for sponsorship, contact Pam at 904-541-1742