Cove In Bloom Mural Project - Green Cove Springs, FL

-A good friend and town advocate, Van Royal, graciously donated a wall right in downtown Green Cove Springs for me to paint on. After having my conceptual design approved by the City Council, the Art Guild of Orange Park helped me to paint the project. I chose to highlight the beautiful Flora and Fauna that is indigenous to FLORIDA, calling it "COVE IN BLOOM", on a 40 FT WALL on the corner of Walnut St. and US 17.
We also decided to make it a fund-raiser with proceeds supporting the project, then beyond that, two worthy causes - 

Mercy Support Services, a leading resource of HOPE for displaced families and those in need in Clay County, FL. 
Art Guild of Orange Park, encouraging the beautifying ARTS in all of North Florida. 
Gifts came into a GoFundMe account, an FB account, and individuals who gave directly to the Guild to support this cause.

ALL Donors will be listed on a keymap that is provided by local businesses for a scavenger hunt of the 52 items in the wall.

See Video Clip here


The 3 initial line art sketchers - Kathy Plante, myself and Beth Haizlip.

Here is a clip of the sketching of it. 

The wall before. capturing some video with @evankay

Over 20 artists from the guild were able to come to join us and participate in this community project. In spite of being on a corner with constant deisel fumes, wind and traffic, we had a blast!




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