Retailers featuring Original Art by Sophie 


The Coastal Farmhouse at Jacksonville Beach, FL

 pink morning sunrise oyster quartet painting lighthouse II lighthouse I  grey skies of peace sky reverie over barn purple party streamers  boardwalk cafe boat life

Exclusive to designers, go to Prestige - Art Trends and Jarrett Bay Home for more information on PRINT giclees of the following two series.

peacock art trends instruments art trends foal art trends twin goats art trends smiling lamb art trends rooster art trends piglets art trends freckles art trends cotton art trends calf art trends bull art trends pyrenese art trends 

Jarrett Bay Home

 reel art trends jarrett bay home red sail art trends jarrett bay home boat life art trends jarrett bay home carolina flare art trends jarrett bay home bikes art trends jarrett bay home boardwalk  art trends Jarrett Bay Home lightning whelk art trends jarrett bay jewelbox  art trends jarrett bay conch  art trends jarrett bay jarrett bay home bay scallop shell sophie dare art 

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