Mural Art

Sophie's introduction into Florida art was on a large scale as a muralist all over the First Coast from Amelia Island pool houses throughout Ponte Vedra living  rooms and down to Daytona Beach. In the 90's it was a lucrative career full of lush gardens, serene marsh scapes and fantasy children's rooms. For past works see Mural Days and the BASCA Fundraising project.

With the changes in the mural industry, now any image can be duplicated as a print on demand mural. Although more selective about getting on a scaffold, Sophie still indulges in an occasional community project, with a few planned in 2019.

Here are a few images that enlarge to a captivating mural scene for your home. Murals come in a variety of materials, depending on the wall texture and environment. Contact us for details on your next project.

blue garden fantasy