SOPHIE DARE STUDIO PICHi there! I am so glad you stopped by my corner of creative. My art journey has carried me through varied seasons of being a momma of boys, a wife, homeschooler, and special needs parent, to my years in the corporate world. In every season I wind back to my art as a necessary creative outlet for PEACE for me, while offering INSPIRATION to others.  Honoring beautiful things in our home inspires us to pause...., take a breath and notice the simple joys that are all around us in the environment.  The organic beauties in nature and wildlife can impact our life greatly with healing and peace.

I grew up in Rural North Carolina, and spent the past 30 years in the First Coast of Florida. Both the country mountains and the coastal rhythm of the ocean continually inspire me to explore new artistic processes and creativity. Always with the goal of bringing that natural aesthetic into the home setting and family. I look forward to hearing from you with your ideas on commissions and collaborations.

In health and hope-


For time lapse painting videos go HERE.