Why Collect Sophie Art

Why Collect Art?

Whether you are collecting original works, or giclee canvases and prints, Art can transport us to other places, memories of the past and dreams of the future. It adds color and beauty to an environment, changing mood, thought processes and even entire perspective. It soothes, it heals.

Why Collect Sophie Dare Art?

Art has been integral in my life for healing. In the face of intense pain and loss, the art of nature helped to magnify the beauty that was all around me. The portraits I paint, the landscapes I am commissioned, have deeply personal significance to the clients. My collections come from a desire to help magnify this same beauty for others, but each piece you collect should have a significance to you. It is my pleasure to help a client find that work that brings them back to JOY, back to HOME and celebrates their life through color and beauty.

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